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Does your basement feel like wasted space?

Home basements are often left damp, dreary, and unfinished. They’re visited sporadically and with dread. Here’s the good news: your basement has loads of potential. The open space nestled beneath the rest of your home could make the perfect home theatre, gym, playroom, or whatever else is missing from your current space. We’ll work with you to design and build an oasis.

Modern Living Space

Space optimization And design

Whether your basement is sprawling and open, small and segmented, or something in-between, we’ll optimize the room design to reflect its new use.

Insulation Installation in Room


By properly insulating your basement, we’ll ensure it stays dry and temperature controlled all year round. Additionally, it ensures the wood frame and drywall remain dry and intact. We also offer soundproof insulation in the ceiling to prevent noise from spreading to upper floors.


Framing, drywall repair, and installation

A strong framework is essential to any successful project. Once we’ve created the frame, we apply drywall, and then move on to plastering, priming, and painting.

Using an Electric Drill

Electrical work and plumbing

We inspect your space and install the best electrical solutions for your safety inconvenience. Our experienced electrical contractors can check for or install working outlets, electrical conduits, and telecommunications networks and systems. If you want another bathroom or laundry room, we’ll do the plumbing.

Floor Adhesive for Tiling

Flooring (any kind)

We’ll recommend a flooring option based on your needs. For example, vinyl tiling is durable and thus perfect for a home gym, whereas carpeting creates a cozier atmosphere for a home theatre. Regardless of the option you choose, we’ll start by adding a subfloor that improves insulation and provides moisture protection.

Man Measuring Window

Window and door installation

We pay special attention to insulating around windows and doors to ensure energy efficiency. Through the latest technology, we make each unit is sturdy and shatter-proof to maximize security.

Satisfaction Guarantee—no questions asked.

We want to make sure that you have the best experience with us, so much so that we guarantee that.

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