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Sunny Bedroom

Open up, it's shining outside.

Increase energy efficiency & natural light with the latest window technology

Increase energy efficiency & natural light with the latest window technology.

Drafty windows? Old and unsightly designs that are nearly impossible to open? These common problems can lead to expensive energy bills and frustrating daily routines. We deliver superior quality uPVC and aluminum windows in a range of styles crafted with homeowner comfort, style, and savings in mind.


We love guiding customers with their different options and providing installation services as well as after-sales support.

Featured: Tilt & Turn Windows

With this popular style, you get 3 windows in one

Tilt and turn windows have a versatile design that allows you to enjoy three different types of windows with an easy shift of one hand. In the tilt position, the window opens at the top with hinges at the bottom. In the turn position, the window is hinged on the side and opens by swinging inward. In the middle position, it tilts at a 45° angle creating a 10 to 13 millimeter gap at the top of the window. This ensures controlled ventilation without heat loss.


The design is also easy to clean and a safe option for those with young children as they cannot lean out. No wonder it’s the go-to choice for discerning architects, designers, and homeowners across North America.



Frame your beautiful view with Picture Windows 

Also known as panoramic or fixed windows, this style doesn’t open or close– it simply frames the natural artwork surrounding your home. They’re perfect for homes with high or vaulted ceilings and pair nicely with tilt and turn windows.


Because picture windows are fixed, there are no mechanical parts that can malfunction. So, you can expect to save money on repairs. This option also comes in a variety of shapes in sizes to match your home and maximize natural light.



Airtight insulation for a better home environment

These windows are hinged at the bottom and open inwards. They provide excellent insulation due to an airtight seal against the window frame. Besides, our hopper windows feature hardware and locks of superior quality, improving the security of your home. 


But that’s not all. Hopper windows can fit into even the most compact spaces– a little light goes a long way.



Windows for all measurements and angles

The products on the market don’t always match your aesthetic and practical needs. That’s why we offer custom shape uPVC windows– for those shapes, sizes, and angles that aren’t common. 


With our design and construction team, there’s no need to compromise your creative goals.


Our windows come with double or triple panes

In the harsh Canadian climate, specialty glass will ensure your home is protected from the extreme cold and heat outside. Our double and triple pane units– expertly fitted and sealed into frames–  offer layers of insulation, preventing pesky condensation and lowering energy bills.

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