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Your bathroom doesn’t make you feel like royalty?

It's time we change that.


You & You.

The bathroom is where you start your morning and unwind after a long day at work. You deserve a space that meets your every need and makes you feel at peace. We help design and build that space. Whether we are remodeling the entire bathroom or adding a new one, we’re the only contractor serving Toronto and Montreal regions that consistently exceeds customer expectations.

From floorplan to fixtures—
we won’t miss a detail.

A perfect bathroom takes careful planning, creative vision, and technical skills. We’ll be there to support you through every step:


  • Planning and design: We work with you to develop an attainable design plan that meets your needs, budget, and aesthetic choices.

  • Demolition: We demolish your bathroom while making sure you're never inconvenienced. After we're done, we clear the debris to make way for your new bathroom.

  • Plumbing and electricals: Our technicians handle the plumbing and electrical requirements– ensuring all fixtures are efficient and secure, so they’ll serve you well for years to come.

  • Heated floors and tiling: Heated flooring is a space-efficient and luxurious alternative to electrical baseboards or convector heaters. They provide exceptional comfort throughout the winter. We’ll finish the walls and floors with fine tiling work.

  • Installing furnishings and adding finishing touches: An exquisite bathroom is incomplete without a carefully selected vanity, cabinets, mirrors, light fixtures, and mouldings. We install each according to best practices, preventing future repairs.


Stay within your timeline and budget.

The cost and length of your renovation project will depend on the complexity of the design, availability and type of materials, and your aesthetic preferences. For a simple project, the renovation may be complete in as little to 2-3 weeks. But, to get a clearer picture of the logistics of your project, chat with our team.

Transform your space.

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