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3 Common Issues In Canadian Interior Design

Avoid these common interior design issues when taking on a renovation project.

As a homeowner (or an aspiring one), you’re probably familiar with some of the interior design issues plaguing Canadian homes. From faulty building materials to lack of storage, these missteps can make a home uncomfortable and unsightly.

The good news? A home renovation project can improve your home interior, creating a functional and stylish space. Here are a few issues to look out for and address before you start renovating.


Does your home feel cluttered? The problem might be a lack of storage options. Without convenient spaces to tuck your daily belongings, from cleaning products to outerwear, you end up putting them wherever there's space. The result can be a chaotic living space.

One area where this lack of storage is particularly problematic is the home entryway. Especially in a country like Canada, where there are harsh winters, you want a place to store your coats, hats, and other outdoor gear. Otherwise, these items might end up crowding hallways and obscuring interior design details. A renovation company can help you install subtle but practical solutions like a bench with storage space underneath and/or wooden lockers. These can be added throughout the home without deterring from design.


An impractical kitchen layout can make you dread entering the heart of the home. One common issue is that the fridge is placed in a corner, which can make it difficult to access. Other appliances might be installed without considering their total footprint, including the space they occupy when the doors are open. As a result, the aisles in your kitchen will be tight and hard to move through.

Thankfully, a few key changes will take a space from frustrating to useful. First and foremost, keep your main tasks in mind when designing a kitchen from scratch or planning a kitchen renovation.

Daily, you might use the space to prep food, serve, clean, and entertain. With that in mind, you won't want to put the stove far from the sink or the fridge far from the stove. At the same time, adding an island creates more social and counter space. Just be sure it doesn’t interrupt traffic flow or access to appliances.

... a few key changes will take a space from frustrating to useful.


Materials like particle board are often used in construction because they're cheap. But, they can warp, crack, and chip, and will need to be replaced more often than other materials. Over the years, this can cost you a lot of time and money.

In addition, low-quality building materials tend to look cheap and detract from the overall aesthetic of your home. So, starting with high-quality materials has aesthetic and practical benefits. While selecting materials can seem daunting, an interior design professional will help you order and select materials before construction begins.

For example, work together to select a kitchen floor material. A durable, affordable, and easy-to-clean option is tile; it comes in stylish variations like porcelain and ceramic. Other popular flooring materials include hardwood and stone. Thanks to their industry connections, a renovation company will ensure your materials arrive on time and in good condition.

Rethink Your Home Design

Your home should serve your needs, keep you comfortable, and bring you joy. If it's not accomplishing all the above-- maybe because of an awkward layout or poor materials-- it's time to rethink your interior design with a home renovation. With a few changes, you can also experience that "no place like home" feeling.

Whether you want to renovate your whole house, RD Construction can help. As a reputable renovation company, we guide you through every step of a luxury renovation: Design, selecting and purchasing materials, and construction.

So, give us a call, and we'll help turn your renovation dreams into a reality. Check out our Instagram for design inspiration.


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