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  • Sameet Dhillon

4 Unexpected Home Renovation Costs

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

In this blog, we'll explore four unexpected home renovation costs to be aware of when budgeting.

Figuring out the cost of your home renovation can be tricky. When you start removing walls or floors, unexpected complications often arise. Before you know it, tasks like moving pipes or upgrading wiring can quickly push expenses beyond your budget.

Don't panic— now is the time to prepare. Explore a few unexpected home renovation costs, and use the information to adjust your project plans.

What Are a Few Unexpected Home Renovation Costs?

1) Adding floor reinforcement

replacing floor in home

During the process of replacing old floors, renovators frequently encounter instances where moisture, the passage of time, or even termite activity has led to deterioration in the subfloor. Installing a new floor on this weakened material can result in sagging, warping, or even collapse. The situation would pose a safety risk to anyone walking on the surface.

To address this challenge, your renovation company would first assess the extent of the damage and determine the appropriate reinforcement measures; this may involve adding new joists or reinforcing existing ones, replacing sections of the subfloor, or even repairing damage caused by termites or moisture. Once the necessary reinforcement is in place, the new flooring can be safely installed.

2) Relocating air vent pipes

Amid full house renovations, homeowners often want to change the layout of their space. This could involve relocating air vent pipes to ensure proper heating and cooling throughout the area. But, moving these pipes can be complicated because they are connected to the HVAC system. Tweaking positioning can disrupt the airflow in your home, resulting in air quality issues and uneven temperatures.

Renovators will determine the best way to move the pipes while minimizing any impact on airflow and the efficiency of your system. This might include extending or reconfiguring the ductwork and adding additional vents or dampers.

3) Replacing or adding insulation in exterior walls

For older homes, exterior wall insulation might be inadequate due to changes in building codes and requirements over time. Insulation can also degrade or sustain damage, reducing its effectiveness.

To tackle this during home renovation, consider adding fresh insulation to the exterior walls. One approach involves removing drywall or plaster, then spraying in new insulation material. Alternatively, renovators can affix insulation —like foam board— directly to the exterior wall using adhesive or fasteners. To safeguard it from the elements, a weather-resistant barrier like new siding is added over the insulation.

4) Insufficient or old wiring

Inadequate or outdated wiring in your home can create safety risks like electrical fires, shocks, and appliance damage. Before major remodeling, a licensed electrician typically conducts an inspection: They assess the wiring and electrical panel to ensure compliance with safety codes. The assessment may also include grounding and voltage tests, and checking for signs of wear or damage on the wiring.

Depending on the state of the wiring, you might need to upgrade it to meet safety codes and the electrical demands of new appliances, outlets, and/or switches in your home. Either way, adding wire often requires new openings in the walls, leading to more drywall patching and refinishing work.

Preparing for these unexpected renovation challenges helps you create a budget and timeline that make more sense. With the help of a trusted renovation company, you can manage these issues smoothly. So, go ahead and start planning your renovation – your dream home is ready for you.

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