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3 Home Renovations to Take On This Summer

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Summer sunshine is finally here to stay— and it’s time to welcome those renovation projects you fantasized about all winter.

Summer sunshine is finally here to stay. Along with the brighter and longer days, it’s time to welcome those renovation projects you fantasized about all winter.

Start by considering your top priorities and budget, and then find a renovation company to help you simplify the process. With planning and expertise, you could achieve your dream home through a few key changes.

But, where to start? Here are a few ideas:


Does the heart of your home feel drab or impractical? Summer is a great time for kitchen renovation. Thanks to milder weather, you can make meals outside on the grill on days when construction is underway.

To start, consider your kitchen layout. If you’ve noticed a lot of traffic jams, the primary pathway is likely overcrowded with poorly placed cabinets and appliances. Talk to your renovation company about a design that reflects your daily habits.

Next, don’t forget to consider kitchen flooring and countertops. Poor materials will quickly begin to show wear and tear. Upgrade to marble countertop for durability and easy cleaning; alternatively, stone tiling is a classic and enduring option for both counters and floors.

At the same time, prioritize lighting, which makes the space more usable and highlights design choices. Consider adding some combination of the following lights: Under-cabinet, pendant, track. Chopping vegetables or gathering around the island for cocktails? You’ll have the right light for every scenario.


Picking the color schemes for your home can feel intimidating. Start by considering the purpose of a given room– what mood do you want to create, and which colors will achieve that? For example, shades of green and blue are relaxing, making them ideal for a living room or bedroom. On the other hand, oranges and red are energizing and perfect for an office.

There are other more technical questions to consider, such as how many windows are there and what direction are they facing? If direct sunlight doesn’t enter the room, lighter colors are better because they’ll reflect light.

Most rooms have both neutral and accent shades. Neutral colors are a canvas for other design elements, whereas accents emphasize design details. Consider picking a color scheme to guide your choices like analogous, complementary, or monochromatic.

Summer is perfect for this project because you can open windows and doors and let out the paint fumes.

Don’t forget about lighting, which makes the space more usable and highlights design choices.


Your bathroom is where you start the day and unwind. You might have all the essentials, but the details make your bathroom an oasis. By upgrading to tiled walls, for example, you will create a finished look, protect the walls from humidity, and make cleaning easier. While you’re at it, upgrade to a heated floor. It might seem odd to get this installed in summer, but you'll wait to turn it on until winter comes around; at which point, you’ll be thanking yourself.

Now let’s talk about water. Is your water pressure or temperature inconsistent? Ask your renovation company about getting thermostatic valves for your sink and shower. This valve lets you set temperature preferences ahead of time and thus maintains a consistent temperature and water pressure.

Another smart upgrade to include in your bathroom renovation: Adding built-in storage. With cabinets built under the sink or into the wall, you’ll have access to all your essentials without creating clutter.

Summer is the season for home improvements

Whether you want to take on a bigger project, like a full home renovation, or stick to one room, RD Construction can help. As a reputable renovation company, we guide you through every step of a luxury renovation: Design, selecting and purchasing materials, and construction.

So, give us a call, and let’s bring your vision to life this summer.


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