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How To Choose High Quality uPVC Windows

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Use this guide to choose energy-efficient and quality windows that'll last you for years to come.

New uPVC windows are always an excellent investment to boost your home’s market value. But do all windows add the same value? At first glance, the structure of any window seems quite simple: a frame, a sash, glass, and hardware. Besides, when new, all windows are aesthetically appealing and promise to be highly energy-efficient. Unfortunately, it is only during operation that we start to notice the flaws such as improper thermal insulation, the difficulty of operation, breaking hardware, etc. And it is needless to say how costly many of these faults could be.

At RD Construction, our construction and renovation experts are here to assist you with windows and doors replacement. We also take up kitchen and basement renovation, and residential as well as commercial renovation contracting projects.

Now let’s have a closer look at what distinguishes high-quality uPVC windows.

uPVC Profile

  • uPVC profile should consist of a minimum of 3 air chambers, with 5 being the optimal number. The more air chambers there are in a uPVC profile, the more barriers there are between the outside environment and the inside of the house, and the higher the thermal performance of a window is.

  • uPVC profile thickness should be not less than 58 mm. Thicker uPVC profiles either significantly minimize or totally eliminate heat transfers. Moreover, thicker profiles provide for better sound insulation. A recommended uPVC profile thickness for the climate of Montreal and Toronto areas is 58-70mm.

  • The thickness of the outside wall of a uPVC profile should be at least 2.8 mm. Such uPVC profiles provide reliable thermal and sound insulation. UPVC profiles with a thinner outside wall can only be used in unheated premises.

Glass Unit

  • Double glazing is the bare minimum requirement. The glass unit should be at least double-glazed, with triple glazing being highly recommended. Triple glazing provides for almost impeccable thermal and sound insulation of a window.

  • Pay attention to the thickness of each glass. The glass thickness is an important factor when comparing uPVC windows and can vary from 3 to 6 mm. However, it is better to ask for at least 4 mm.

  • Specialty glass. Nowadays, it is hard to find a window company offering windows without low-emissivity glass. Low-emissivity is achieved by applying a special coating into the glass while it is still hot. It minimizes the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass without compromising the amount of visible light. In order to achieve advanced thermal insulation, low-e coating can be applied on multiple glass panes of the glass unit. Not only will such glass keep the room warm in winter, but it will also detain the solar heat in summertime.

Tilt-and-turn windows are the most recommended window type today


  • Search for tilt-and-turn windows. Tilt-and-turn windows are the most recommended window type today. They won their reputation due to the fact that one window handle can operate in three different positions that allow opening the window in three different ways. In the tilt position, the window opens at the top with hinges at the bottom. In the turn position, the window opens inswing like a casement windows. Finally, in the middle position, which opens at an angle of 45o, the window tilts from the top proving a gap of 10 to 13 mm. This is sufficient to ensure controlled ventilation of the room without heat loss.


  • Buy windows only with reliable hardware. Window handles and hinges are the most vulnerable components of any window. Each opening and closing cycle decreases the lifetime of the window hardware. If you do not want to face a problem of broken window handles within the first 7-10 years after window replacement, make sure your new windows have reliable hardware installed. Roto and Maco are among window and door hardware manufacturers that you can count on.

Avoid Costly Mistakes with Professional Advice

Lastly, if you do not want to make costly mistakes when buying uPVC windows, we highly recommend asking for professional advice. At RD Construction, we are dedicated to offering you the highest quality uPVC windows that would meet your needs, tastes and budget.

Call our experts today at 514-757-2474 to request a free estimate!


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