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All You Need To Know About Solar-Control Low-e Glass

Solar Control Low-e Glass is that unique innovative solution that can help you be in full control of the climate of your home while saving on electricity both in winter and summer.

Windows are a well-known problem when it comes to energy efficiency. Regardless of the type of building and its glazing, window glass is a major source of heat loss in winter.

Moreover, in the summertime, it is also through window glass that most of the undesirable heat comes into the room with sunlight. This is why today the major attention in the technical improvement of all translucent structures is paid to the window glass.

Depending on the type of glass you choose for your insulating glass unit (IGU), it can either perform its basic function of protecting against cold or it can become a major source of impressive energy savings all year round ensuring the comfort and safety of your home. Solar Control Low-e Glass is that unique innovative solution that can help you be in full control of the climate of your home while saving on electricity both in winter and summer.


Solar Control Low-e Glass is a cutting-edge development that was able to combine two major functions of a modern Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) – energy efficiency and sunscreen. This is the first technology that works both in winter and in summer.

Soft metal coating sprayed onto the glass surface work as an invisible filter that selectively lets through light waves of different waves. In summer, this coating reflects infrared sunlight outside, preventing premise overheating even in the hottest days. Up to 58% of thermal energy does not penetrate inwards the premise and you save on air conditioning.

When the weather gets cold, the glass works on the same principle as regular low-e glass keeping the heat inside the premise. Silver coating reflects long-wave thermal radiation from heating devices inwards the premise preventing the escape of heat to the street. As a result, heat losses decrease up to 22% and you save up to 78% of heat.

IGUs with solar control low-e glass can be compared to climate control systems and work just like a thermal mirror with a reflection in both directions – heat generated in the premise is reflected inwards, while sunbeams are reflected outwards.

Besides, not only does this glass allow you to control the premise temperature but also it prevents upholstery, furniture, floors and walls from warming up and fading. It is also worth mentioning that even though solar-control low-e glass can sometimes have greenish or bluish hue, a thin metal coating neither reduces the amount of visible light coming through the glass nor affects its transparency.


Several layers of metal coating are applied crosswise onto the glass surface. This contributes to the strength of the glass.

The coating consists of five layers:

  • Upper layer: oxides and nitrides.

  • Protective layer.

  • Functional layer: iron and chrome.

  • Protective layer.

  • Lower layer: oxides and nitrides.

Each layer performs its own function:

  • The upper and lower layers are responsible for the color of glass, reflectivity, and light transmission.

  • A special functional layer containing iron and molecules of chrome ensures reflection of thermal radiation.

  • Protective layers reflect and absorb thermal radiation and account for the resistance of glass to physical and mechanical impacts.

The multi-layered coating stays inside an airtight IGU and will last throughout the lifetime of the unit.


  • Protection from sunlight in the summer period. The surface reflects more than 50% of heat.

  • Impeccable thermal protection in cold periods. The surface keeps up to 60% of heat in the premise.

  • Transparent windows from the inside, excellent lighting of a premise.

  • Minor mirror effect from the outside.

  • Increased sound insulation.

  • The ability to pass ultra-violet beams allows to clean the premise from bacteria.

  • Solar control low-e glass improves the microclimate of the premise, thus, favorably affecting house plants.

  • Interior items are securely protected from fading.


To conclude, Solar Control Low-e Glass provides outstanding energy efficiency all year round. A combination of solar protection and low-emissivity features allows to significantly reduce expenditures on heating and conditioning. The price of such glass can be a bit higher compared to regular low-e glass, but the savings from installing it in your home will pay off already in the second year.


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