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5 Essential Components of a Luxurious Bathroom

Consider these essential design components as you start planning your ideal bathroom.

People call the kitchen the heart of the home, but we’re making a case for the bathroom. It’s where you get ready in the morning and wind down after a long day; it’s where you enjoy a steaming hot bath and find some true quiet in a busy home.

Is your bathroom failing to live up to the vision we’ve created? Not to worry– with a bathroom renovation, you can create a space that is luxurious and functional. Consider these essential design components as you start planning your dream space.

How to Create a Luxurious Bathroom

1) A Well-Designed Bathroom Layout

There are three key factors to consider when creating your floor plan with a renovation company:

  • The size of the space: Make sure to measure the room dimensions so you can plan accurately. Ideally, it should have at least 1 square meter per person. Otherwise, the shared room can start to feel claustrophobic.

  • Natural traffic flow: Try to create logical pathways from different points in the room so that people can move through easily and safely.

  • Space around fixtures: Pick out your fixtures, like your toilet and tub, and consider their measurements. Make sure there’s plenty of space to move around and between them, and don’t forget about shower doors or cupboards which may swing open, increasing their footprints.

How do you know if you've created the right design? A good layout should provide seamless easy access to the sink, shower, toilet, and storage solutions.

2) Plenty of Storage

If you're considering a bathroom renovation, one of the biggest selling points is plenty of storage. Not only does adequate bathroom storage maintain the look of your luxurious space by keeping items out of sight, but it also helps you eliminate future bathroom renovation costs.

With a bit of foresight, you can incorporate all the storage you need into your design. If you're wondering where to start, here are a few ideas:

  • Floating shelves – By mounting wall shelves near the sink or shower, you can make use of vertical space without sacrificing style or detracting from the decor of your bathroom.

  • Towel racks – Built-in towel racks are a great way to keep towels handy while also adding a bit of decorative flair to the room.

  • Medicine cabinet – This feature will keep bathroom essentials out of sight but within reach.

Based on your daily habits, your renovation professional can help you decide on the best solutions.

3) Luxurious Fixtures and Fittings

When it comes to making a bathroom luxurious, you have many fixtures and fitting options. To add a touch of glamor, consider adding details such as eye-catching pendant light or an elegant freestanding bathtub. In the shower, you might opt for a rain showerhead: the large, flat head provides a gentle rainfall-like spray that envelopes your body in warm water. It's perfect if you want to transform their daily routine into a spa experience.

Go a step further and incorporate features such asheated flooring, which will keep your bathroom cozy on even the coldest days of the year, and a LED mirror which makes it easier to style yourself for the day.

With careful planning and design, you can transform your bathroom into an inviting retreat with ample storage, high-end fixtures, and a well-designed layout that works for your lifestyle. Whether you're looking for heated flooring or eye-catching pendant lights, there are endless possibilities to make the most out of your bathroom renovation.

Start Your Bathroom Renovation With RD Construction

Whether you're looking for a bathroom renovation cost estimate, or to discuss a full house upgrade, RD Construction is here with solutions. Our team of renovation experts guides you through every step of a luxury renovation: Design, selecting and purchasing materials, and construction. Get in touch, and we'll help turn your design dreams into a reality.

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