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  • Sameet Dhillon

FAQ About Installing Heated Floors

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

We’ve asked renovation experts for answers to your common questions about this increasingly common renovation project.

You dread the moment when you step from the shower onto the cold tiled floor. And, how your wet boots never dry in the drafty entranceway. Parts of your home just don't warm up– even if you have a top-notch heating system.

Luckily, heated flooring eliminates cold patches and creates a cozy nest for the winter. Below, we’ve asked renovation experts your questions about this popular home improvement project.

5 Common Questions About Heated Flooring

1) Are heated floors a new invention?

No, underfloor heating has been around for a while. Some even trace it back to ancient China. But, because the modern variation is expensive compared to standard heating options, it’s usually reserved for luxury renovations.

Still, more and more homeowners are considering heated flooring because it offers solutions to common issues. For example, unlike baseboard heaters which take up a lot of space, heated flooring is passed under the floor and is highly space efficient. It’s the perfect option for tight rooms.

2) Which rooms do you recommend getting a heated floor installed in?

Heated flooring is perfect for a bathroom renovation project. This is the room where you’ll feel the winter chill the most, especially with with cold tiles. Just think of those dark winter mornings when you’re clutching yourself for warmth.

Heated floors are also great to add to all the entrances of your home. That way, when you come in from the cold all your gear will warm (and melt) quickly. It’ll be more pleasant to slip into when you’re ready to venture out again.

For those doing a full house renovation, add heated flooring throughout. It can be used as the only form of heating or in conjunction with another system, like central heating.

3) What’s the installation process like?

First, your renovation company will remove the floor. Once they reach the plywood, they will either reinforce it or replace it to ensure the subfloor is sound. Different companies will go with different flooring systems.

RD Construction uses quality Schluter Systems. To start, the Schluter membrane is installed. It's designed with customized notches for the electrical wiring (and thus the heat) to fit in. After the membrane is glued to the plywood, and the wiring is added, then the mortar is applied on top to fix the wires into the membrane. Lastly, the tiles are put in place and it's time to install your WiFi-controllable Schluter thermostat.

4) What are the major benefits of adding heated floors to my home?

Baseboard or convection heaters will heat the room, but won't make the floor warm because heated air rises. With the addition of heated floors, you can maintain even heating throughout the house for increased comfort.

As mentioned before, heated floors are also more space efficient as all the equipment is tucked out of sight. For that same reason, it’s the most aesthetically pleasing option. Unlike floor vents or radiators, radiant floor heating does not accumulate dust, eliminating an eyesore and additional chore.

The project can also improve home efficiency. With more even heating, you’re less likely to crank the heat before a shower. Maintaining a steady temperature will reduce energy use and costs.

5) Will this project affect my home’s aesthetic?

Any successful home improvement project balances beauty and functionality. For example, before beginning a bathroom renovation, professionals will consider whether or not they’ll need to install a transition between the bathroom and hallway. If it’s possible to make the bathroom flooring and hallway flooring flush, no transition is necessary. If not, contractors can install a quartz doorsill between the flooring materials to make an elegant transition.

Heated flooring is a luxurious but worthwhile addition to your home. This heating upgrade will increase the comfort and efficiency of your home, so even on the coldest winter day, you’ll be comfortable in every corner of your home.

Start Your Bathroom Renovation Today

Whether you're looking for a bathroom renovation cost estimate– with heated floors included– or to discuss a full house upgrade, RD Construction is here with solutions. Our team of renovation experts guides you through every step of a luxury renovation: Design, selecting and purchasing materials, and construction. Get in touch, and we'll help turn your design dreams into a reality.

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